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"We will NEVER be slaves! But we WILL be conquerors!"

- Lord Ironarm

"True Strength is more than power. Something that you do not have and that is a reason to fight, a reason to want power, For me it is to stop wars on planets and bring peace. You will never have true strength if you keep on your path. That is why I am stronger than you."

-General Ironeye to his foes

"I fight for peace. I fight for a cause unlike you."

-Karzoof quoting his master, General Ironeye

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General Ironeye , Lord Ironarm, General Irondrone(Smythe) ,Shadow Slayers , Ironeye's Adventures ,

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The Iron Powers leader is Lord Ironarm. Then there are generals, Ironeye, Irondrone, Ironfist and Big gun. .

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